July Newsletter

  Six Inspiring Farmhouse-Style Ideas Using Natural Wood   Farmhouse-style interiors have been quite popular in recent years. If you are a fan of this style, check out these six inspiring farmhouse-style ideas that make use of natural wood.   View the full article at     4 Ingredient Creamy Fruit Popsicles   Beat…

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June Newsletter

Keeping Your Mind And Body Healthy While Stuck At Home Many of us are still working from home, and for some, it has become a permanent change. Here are some important tips for keeping your mind and body healthy while spending most of your time at home. Read the full article at Best Flooring…

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May 2021 Newsletter

  The Pros and Cons of Wooden Flooring Have you been considering replacing the carpet in your home with wooden flooring? Here are some pros and cons of wooden flooring to help you make your decision.Read the full article at Interior Design – Liven Up Your Space! Spring is here and for many, that…

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April Newsletter

  How to Decorate Your Home Like a Pro Are you struggling with ideas on how to decorate and design the interior of your home? Here are some excellent tips on how to decorate your home like a pro!Read the full article at Inventions You Couldn’t Live Without From airplanes to cell phones, these inventions…

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March Newsletter

5 Benefits Of Building Your Own Home Are you in the market for a new home? Have you ever considered having one built instead of looking for one that meets your needs? Here are 5 benefits of building your own home that you may want to consider when making your next home purchase.  Read the…

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January Newsletter

Happy New Year from Us & John Wayne 2020 was a year of mixed events and emotions. For us at the Alley home, there was even more home cooking and dog pile cuddle time. The slowing down and truly resting seemed to have been what we needed. Because 2021 feels like we’ve already hit the…

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December Newsletter

3 Portland Area Lights Activities You Can Do From Your Vehicle One of the most well known light desplays to view from your vehicle is the one at Portland Raceway International. Open now through Jan 2, 2021. this year is a shift from walking to driving at The Oregon Zoo Lights – you get to take a drive through the…

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November Newsletter

Archer Efforts We took up our bows and decided it’ll be a while before we’re hunting with arrows. Hahaha. Archers Afield is a local indoor archery facility that caters to beginners up to experts. We had a great private lesson with Robert, son of the owner, who pretty much grew up in archery. He really…

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October Newsletter

Falling Leaves, Football, Halloween, And A New Kitchen Many people choose to do big kitchen remodels in the spring and summer. October and November are actually some of the best months of the year to do these types of remodels. Projects can be finished much faster and at a much lower cost.Read the full article…

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September Newsletter

Here Fishy, Fishy When you’re invited on a deep sea fishing trip, you say yes! And so we did.Just off the shore of Newport Bay through Tradewinds Charter boats, we caught rockfish, lingcod, cabezon, and many others.The boat captain and deck hand provided all the equipment, set the fishing lines, bait, and toured us around…

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